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The Tapedia (pronounced; tape-pee-dee-ah) course has been designed in such a way that an applicant might not search for other source on getting information regarding taping course, which makes this the most complete course in taping. A very practical hands on course to allow participants to quickly grasp the basic application to help with some of the conditions that we might encounter which may include, muscle soreness, postural correction, lymphoedema channeling, structural correction, performance enhancement, strapping and many more! If you want to know what kind of tapes you should be using to maximize the potential of recovery and improve quality of life or performance then you are at the right place! Get ready to be submerged into the world of taping encyclopedia, enter the Tapedia!

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  1. Efficient and critical thinking towards technique applications.
  2. Increase in scientific and evident approach.
  3. Be able to save time and cost for treatment using tapes.
  4. Participants will be able to be more varied in taping applications and reasoning.
  5. Participants will be able to set themselves apart from all taping course.
  6. Be able to provide an addition towards improved therapeutic application.
  7. Be a walking encyclopedia on anything and everything tape! .
  8. Professional development by application of these techniques and further researches

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This course allows participants to get a full introductory base to advanced application and theory on all the tapes available to therapists and sports practitioners(Kinesiology Tape, Rigid, Elastic etc.). Participants will be diving deep into the difference of each individual taping modality and how to apply clinical reasoning for individual case. Tapedia’s clinic will urge each learner or applicant to think more broadly towards taping techniques and each with different perspective, while getting the basic concept of all the tapings on a single platform. Learn the basic concept and principle of taping techniques and understand its need in today’s scenario without getting diverted to any other baseless things. We hope to strive towards having each individual becoming a walking encyclopedia on everything taping!

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2 Months
  1. Learner-Content Interaction (Primary)
  2. Learner-Facilitator Interaction (Secondary)
  3. Practical (Optional)

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