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Stretching and flexibility course helps experienced physiotherapists, trainers, and coaches who are hoping to give their customers maximum benefit. By picking up this accreditation, participants will have the option to give their customers the most recent advanced methods in stretching and also know the mistakes commonly made in stretching sessions.

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Participants will be able to have a strong clinical reasoning for using proper stretching techniques along with teaching their patients to do self-stretching in conjunction to treatments available to practitioners.

Provide safe and effective application of the technique, common mistakes while stretching etc. have been mentioned. On account of this program, mentors will have the option to draw in new customers and give their current customers another approach to improve their general execution.

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This Course Aims in breaking down the details and making the complex things into simplified form for its application. It covers the stretching of the specific muscles in an elaborated way with detailed anatomy and palpation.

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2 Months
  1. Learner-Content Interaction (Primary)
  2. Learner-Facilitator Interaction (Secondary)
  3. Practical (Optional)

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