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This course has been developed to train with the intention with the physiotherapists and physiotherapy students who wants to work with the gynecological and obstetrics department, to enhance their skills in the exercise prescription during and post pregnancy. It is important to note that recent best evidence available to the physiotherapists, strongly suggest exercises can benefit the health of the pregnant women.

There is not enough awareness about these exercises and its effects adequately. This course covers the theoretical knowledge about pregnancy and the various changes that occurs during pregnancy and the knowledge about the assessment and benefits of the antenatal as well as postnatal management. There is special care for both normal Vaginal delivery and Caesarean delivery well elaborated in the course. The whole content of this course will be in theory, pictures and videos in order to make you understand easily.

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Upon successful completion of this course, the learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge about pregnancy and the various changes that occurs during pregnancy 
  2. Demonstrate knowledge about the assessment. 
  3. Plan exercises during and post pregnancy.
  4. Plan physiotherapeutic management in various obstetrics and gynecological conditions.

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This course intends to equip the learners with simplified concepts and a wide range of result-oriented techniques and approaches for women health through student content interface and optional hands on training.

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3 Months
  1. Learner-Content Interaction (Primary)
  2. Learner-Facilitator Interaction (Secondary)
  3. Practical (Optional)

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