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This course intends to introduce non-elastic taping and semi-elastic tapes in the form of Rigid taping. course includes Knowing about rigid tape, quality check, its properties, formation, and working principle. While going through more in this course one can find ease to apply rigid tape with proper application technique. Various basic application with advanced application is included in this course.

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  • Participants will be able to know about tape and taping techniques.
  • Will be able to apply rigid tape effectively.
  • Will be able to think positively about the outcomes of rigid taping techniques.

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This course allows participants to get a full introductory base to advanced application and theory on Rigid tape and taping. Participants should be able to know taping as modality and how to apply it with clinical reasoning for individual cases. Rigid taping clinic will urge each learner or applicant to think more broadly towards taping techniques and each with different perspective while getting the basic concept of the taping. Learn the basic concept and principle of taping techniques and understand its need in today’s scenario.

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1 Months
  1. Learner-Content Interaction (Primary)
  2. Learner-Facilitator Interaction (Secondary)
  3. Practical (Optional)

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